Financial Services

Our Approach
At Oakes Financial Services, we consider all aspects of your investments, including current and future financial circumstances, to ensure that your investment strategy will meet your goals both now and for years to come. Our collective approach values steady and secure cash flows and tax reduction strategies, as well as consideration for loans, retirement, and other financial matters.

Any good financial or investment plan must take into account the effect today’s decisions have tomorrow. We include retirement planning with any good college plan, and strive to invest in high-confidence, known pay out strategies, rather than the “buy low, sell high” risk.

Our Financial Services

  • Investments
    • 401K Plans
    • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
    • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Tax Sheltered Annuities
    • Long Term Care Alternatives
    • Business Insurance
  • Planning Services
    • Retirement Planning
    • College Planning
    • 529 Plan Alternatives
    • Estate Planning
  • Tax Reduction Strategies

Our goal is to help our clients achieve and be educated about their financial goals. It is crucial to be informed about the decisions your financial advisor is making, so we aim to educate you and explain every step of our process and strategy, ensuring your comfort and understanding.

Call Oakes Financial Services today to get on the path to a solid financial plan now and for your future.

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