Tax Services

Oakes Financial Services Inc.

Oakes Financial Services offers comprehensive tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. Ed Oakes is a registered tax report preparer (RTRP) with the IRS, and has many years of experience understanding complex tax codes and taking full advantage of applicable options.

At Oakes Financial Services, we believe you should know exactly what your money is doing and why. We go above and beyond to educate our clients, teaching and explaining the ins and outs of taxes so you understand why we do what we do.

Our Tax Services Include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Tax Preparation
    • Payroll Services & Reporting
    • Post Tax Review
    • Quickbooks Consulting
  • Business Tax Services
    • Trusts
    • Corporations
    • Small Business Tax Strategies
  • Individual Tax Services
  • Personal Tax Services

When it comes to taxes, there are few strategies for individuals, while there are many different strategies available to businesses. Many tax advisors do not lead clients through the maze of options properly or create solid documentation. With Oakes Financial Services, your tax documentation is iron-clad, ensuring your complete legal compliance and making your strategy as effective as possible. We walk you through the process, educating you on how to execute your business tax strategy, how to document it, and why.

We work in all 50 states! Your tax preparer does not need to be in your state of residence. No matter where you go, Oakes Financial Services is there for you!

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